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Greetings from Uejo Kogyo CO.,Ltd

We at Uejo Kogyo CO.,Ltd are grateful for our customers’ continuous support.
Uejo Kogyo CO.,Ltd started out as sash and shutter installation company in January 1966. During tumultuous times including the reversion of Okinawa to Japan, we have developed and expanded our business to steel frame construction which is has become our foundation. In 1978, we were approved the license of Specific Construction, which is when we advanced our architecture and civil engineering, and have achieved as a general constructor mainly composed of “architecture・civil・steel”.
Once again, we deeply appreciate our customer’s support and kindness throughout the years. We will continue to make progress in our skills and our substantial business, and to meet the customer’s needs. We will greatly appreciate your further support and encouragement.

Uejo Kogyo K.K.
President Shinko Uejo



Company Overview

Company name
Uejo Kogyo CO.,Ltd
Address Main Office 1-6-10 Ikehara, Okinawa City, Okinawa
Founded January 1966
Capital 45 Million JPY
Lines of Business
General Constructor
Content of Work
  • Architecture (Housing, Apartment, Store) (Public Facilities)
  • Civil engineering
  • Steel Structure
  • CTS (Inspection and Repairing of Oil Tanks)
Registration Number License of Construction Permit by Governor of Okinawa, No. 983

【Types of Construction】Civil Engineering, Architecture, Carpentry, Plastering, Masonry, Roofing, Tile Brick and Block, Steel Structure, Reinforcement Steel, Paving, Dredging, Glazing, Painting, Waterproofing, Interior Design, Fitting, Water Supply

Received License of General Construction -No.983

【Types of Construction】Pipe and Tubing



1966 ・・・Uejo Kogyo-Sho was established
1971 ・・・Registered of General License Construction (Chi) No.1642
1974 ・・・Received License of General Construction -No.983
1978 ・・・Received License of Specific Construction Special-No.983
1985 ・・・Renamed company name to Uejo Kogyo K.K. (Capital 3.5 million yen)
1987 ・・・Relocated to newly constructed building (current address)
1992 ・・・Acknowledged Steel Structure M grade from Japan Steel Fabricators Association
1995 ・・・Increased the Capital to 4.5 million yen
2001 ・・・Certified ISO9002
2003 ・・・Certified ISO9001
2004 ・・・Certified ISO14001
2006 ・・・40 years since establishment
2007 ・・・Awarded the Building Constructors Society (BCS) Award (Okinawa Prefectural Museum・Art museum)
2012 ・・・Acknowledgement by the Japanese Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport as Steel Frame Production Factory TFBM-120410



1-6-10 Ikehara, Okinawa City, Okinawa, Japan 904-2141


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