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If you have any concerns about property or home building, please be free to contact us anytime by telephone, fax, and email or come visit us directly at our office.


Property-Land Environment Investigation

step2Specialists will visit the site and investigate geographical features, road positions, circumstances with adjoining buildings. Plus, we help our customers with procedures of paperwork registration, total area investigation and property rights.
Furthermore, specialists will investigate to provide the customer with fire safety measures, ground and noise conditions of the district, for a more safe and comfortable life.


Consultation/Plan Proposal

step3In order for us to build each customer’s dream home, we invite for the customer to tell us the budget, room layout, exterior appearance and other ideal requests. We will do our best to provide the customer with the best plan for their lifestyle and will continue consultation until the customer is totally satisfied.



step4Based on the plan, we will make the drawing and prepare an estimation. Taking into consideration the customer’s budget, we will adjust the interior and exterior structure of the home.



Conclusion of Contract Agreement



Beginning Construction

step5We will notify neighbors prior to beginning construction to make them aware of the circumstances. Once the construction has begun, we will hold a last meeting regarding interior and exterior structure and the customer will consider a design plan after being at the construction site.



step6We will conduct an inspection once the construction is completed. If there is no defect as a result of inspection, the customer will check the building and we will not ask regarding the payment until the customer is totally satisfied. We will provide documents that are required to fill in, explain equipment and pass a key.



step7If you have any concerns after completion and handover, contact us and we will correspond immediately. We also conduct consultation concerning extension or renovation of buildings.


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